This web site includes a demographic table, an ethnic index, a glossary and an information section on eight ethnic groups that have populated Winona and influenced Winona's cultural history. These groups are: African Americans, Germans, Hmong, Jewish, Luxembourgers, Polish, Native Americans, and Norwegians. Within each section there is text written by the project team and illustrations. Some sections include links to other internet sites, lesson plans and bibliographies of addtional resources.


In February 1995 the Winona Middle School received a Learningware grant from the Winona Luminet Grants Committee to develop a multimedia product based on the theme "Winona's Changing Demographics." The Middle School committee responsible for the project chose this theme because it is often difficult to find local information and because our community and student population is changing.

The goals of the project are to:

  1. Develop an interactive learning product that will help students and staff develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural and ethnic groups in Winona. 
  2. To provide an opportunity and forum for teachers to collaboratively develop a product which will be used as an interdisciplinary teaching and learning tool. 
  3. To foster active learning by promoting interdisciplinary activities.
  4. To develop teaching and learning materials that will help Winona Middle School teachers teach about diverse cultures in Winona and throughout the world. 
  5. To accommodate multiple learning styles and interest through student production of multimedia products.


We chose the world wide web page format because the web is easily accessible, can easily be changed, and because graphical information can be included. We also wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that Winona Luminet offers our school and community. While working on this project we completed our research using resources in the Middle School Media Center, the Winona County Historical Society, the Winona Polish Museum, and numerous individuals. Dr. William Crozier, history professor at St. Mary's University of Minnesota worked with the team and shared insights about Winona's history and experiences immigrants face. The team also gathered information from the Internet and worked with a scanner and digital camera to produce the pictures that are part of the project. Team members also received Internet and HTML training from Vanguard Technology Group located in Winona and U.S. West Advanced Technologies in Boulder, Colorado.

The writings and graphics that are part of each section are representative of the different interests and writing styles of the contributors. We were unable to include information on all the ethnic groups who have settled in Winona, but we have written about a representative sample.

Introductory lesson for teachers and students.

Information about Winona, Minnesota




For comments, further information or to suggest links,contact: Mary Alice Anderson, project coordinator @ Maryalice.Anderson@winona.k12.mn.us



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