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rSchoolToday will provide you with low-cost Calendar Widgets so you can avoid dual-entering calendar data on
your web site.  All information is live and updated in real time from Activity Scheduler when you make changes!

1) Upcoming Events Widget
Cost: $75 initial Set-up plus $75 per year

Choose horizontal,  vertical, set size, choose the fields you want, pick colors, or leave colors off to show the content without borders in your site page. Shown on right are horizontal and vertical examples.                                 
2) Schedule & Scores Widget
Cost: $95 initial Set-up plus $140 per year

Provides a unique schedule for each team. Scores are optional. Choose the fields you want to show, pick colors, or leave colors off to show the content without borders in your site page.
3) Roster Widget
Cost: $95 initial set-up plus $140 per year

Provides a unique roster for each team. Choose the fields you want to show, pick colors, or leave colors off to show the page content in your site page without borders.

4) Calendar Grid Widget
Cost: $45 initial set-up plus $45 per year

Click any day to pop Activity  Scheduler open to that day in a new Tab. Always defaults to the current day. Arrow between months.
5) Embedded Activity Scheduler
Cost: $45 initial set-up plus $55 per year

Embed the entire Activity Scheduler calendar into your existing Web site.

Calendar Date-picker, View Schedules box, Rosters, Scores, Calendar Categories, search and Login, condense into the top bar for one click access.



After submitting your order, one of our Account Managers will contact you to learn the specifics of what you want.  Onnce your Widget(s) are ready, we will show them to you on a test site for your approval before sending your finished Widget to you via email. 

For each Widget ordered, you will receive a paragraph of HTML code in an email. Send this to your webmaster and have them paste this code into the correct spot(s) on your school web site and you will be finished!  It's very easy!
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